Tob Cohen’s WILL lands Sister, Gabrielle in Trouble

Tob Cohen’s WILL lands Sister, Gabrielle in Trouble


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Lawyer Chege Kirundi (centre) for the late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen with Cohen’s brother Benard Cohen and sister Gabriele Cohen addresses the press at Kirundi`s Bruce House office on Friday when the Will was released and read to Cohen`s family. Photo/File

Just days after the opened WILL by the late Dutch Tycoon Tob Cohen showed that Gabrielle Cohen (Tob’s sister) was the main beneficiary of the businessman’s estate, calls on the DCI to investigate Gabrielle have emerged.

Led by popular bloggers Robert Alai and Lord Abraham Mutai, the two have called on the DCI to launch investigations on the tycoon’s sister who according to them might have taken part in Tob’s mysterious death.

Slain Billionaire Tob Cohen’s will opened, Sarah Wairimu missing in action!
Tob Gabrielle being consoled by DCI boss George Kinoti

This is after the Will showed that Cohen’s sister will receive over 60 per cent of his property estimated to be worth Sh600 million.

Maybe the sister should also be considered a suspect. She is really rushing to get the burial done, inherit property and run away. Maybe she killed the bro. But that, DCI not considering because the boss is being huggy. Jokers!!! Tweeted Alai.

The vocal blogger also accused the DCI boss George Kinoti of conspiring with Cohen’s sister to conceal any possible leads that could connect Gabrielle with the murder.

His sentiments were echoed by another blogger Lord Abraham Mutai who observed that in a case which involves the inheritance of expansive estates, the DCI should have also interrogated the chief beneficiary of the Will.

For high profile crimes such as the Tob Cohen’s murder case, where it involves the inheritance of a vast estate, YOU always look at the GREATEST beneficiary. Even a rookie detective will tell you that. He Tweeted

Mutai also alleged that the sister might have been aware of the Will hence could have had a hand in the mysterious death owing to the fact that she wanted to take over the property.


The will, which was opened on Friday, showed Cohen did not leave any property or cash to his wife Sarah Wairimu who is still in police custody.

Wairimu is the main suspect in the murder of the millionaire whose body was found dumped at a septic tank in his Kitsuru home.

Tob’s body will be laid to rest on Monday in a private ceremony to be conducted at Jewish cemetery in Nairobi. Sarah Wairimu is expected to attend the burial after the court granted her permission.




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