‘They look like leo and today’ King Kaka trolled over his resemblance...

‘They look like leo and today’ King Kaka trolled over his resemblance with Kakamega twins


The king of rap, King Kaka, has fallen in netizens’ ditch after it was claimed that he resembled the controversial Kakamega twins. Though Kaka has denied the allegations, Kenyans are so convinced that he is a brother to the twins. They stormed social media to attack Kaka over the same;

Sue Okush:  king kaka and the girls look together 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cate de la fuente: They look again.. They look repeatedly. They look twice.. They look 2 in 1.
Regina Owiti: 😂😂😂😂😂😂yani hapa nimekita mizizi sihami ng’o😂😂😂😂😂
Glorious Mutwiri: Heh hii ni usiku na night

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Diana Moraa: No need for DNA😂😂😂
Sellah Umallah: Alafu mtu aniambie nihame Kenya?sihami ng’o!!!
Wairimu Njonjo: They look thrice are they triple🤔
Desmond Tutu: Hahaa they look like leo and today
Dorry Joe: Lol. They look so similar,familiar,again,together….etc

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Simba Comedian: King kaka wewe ni kaka
Jackie Jackie: They look like before
Esther Njeri: They all look together
 Mercy Kanini: they look again

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Irungu Margaret: Completely the same
Fay Baibe: They luk like one family
Tracy Smintar: Kaka afanyiwe DNA hehee
Gladys Ondieki: woi they all look immediately
Risper Njiraini: Hahaha iko shida lol …am done with Kenyans..me included lol

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Sally Edwards: He is the missing twin ,the mother said they were three
Rouizi Ken: Waaaaah they look thrice again…..
Betty Joseph: Pliz si mtu ajitolee arudishe kingkaka kwao
Julie Kiogora: Especially kwa lips
Macmish switpoison: Oops they look twice again

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