Reckless! Journalist Attacked In War With Murkomen

Reckless! Journalist Attacked In War With Murkomen


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Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator Murkomen Kipchumba has ended up in a fight with Ktn journalist Tony Gachoka  the host of Point Blank after attempts to show Kenyans the beauty of Kimwarer Dam project using a video of the river but failing miserably.

Kenyans were quick to blow his bubble expressing anger over stolen millions using the embattled project. Gachoka too shut him down by stating that his pet project was cancelled because of unimaginable looting.

However Murkomen has defended that the reasons given by the purported Tech Committee(Project burial committee) have nothing to do with corruption.  According to the senator corruption was used initially as an excuse but didn’t work hence they changed tact.

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Murkomen advised Gachoka to concentrate on attacking William Ruto at point blank.

Residents of HZ area in Keiyo South, Elgeyo Marakwet County, where the Kimwarer dam project was to be

Some citizens did not take Gachoka’s attack kindly;

“Did you speak to the president as Ktn news or as TG, do you voice the position of the media house or personal views.Be ethical for once.”-kennedy.

“I hope some journalists will grow up and be impartial, this is reckless and unprofessional.”-Duncan N.

“Whoever pays attention to political brokers like Tony Gachoka is sick and needs serious mental illness checkup”-Team WILLIAM RUTO BRIGADE.

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“This is what you always want to discuss at Point blank, yet you never speak of Afya house scandal and it’s in the media on those who stole the money..”emmanuel Kisaka.

“You have nothing to steal from hahaha”-davidwekesa.

However there are those who appreciated his mission echoing his voice.

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“TG Tell them the TRUE this country MUST be led by Leaders of Integrity. They may abuse you but the truth is always bitter.”-Peter M Joseph phD.

“Murkomen can ride his latest chopper while his people drink cow urine to survive”-Gichuki Muriithi.

“shame on them!!! Poor citizens suffering bcoz of 3 or 4 people’s greed!!”-Mejja wa GITUGI.

“TG leading the way in calling out thieves by their names. So the thief here is ONESMUS!”-Mulembe Nation Facts.

President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi receiving a report on Kimwarer and Arror Dam Projects from the Technical Committee Chair Principal Secretary for Infrastructure Prof Paul Maringa.

The Sh 22.2 billion Kimwarer dam was found to have been overpriced and that the project is neither technically nor financially viable. This means that about Sh 4 billion already paid to contractor – CMC Di Ravenna of Italy – may be lost.

Deputy President William Ruto had defended the project, refuting claims of fraud while insisting that only Sh 7 billion had been paid and that all the payments had a bank guarantee.

President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the cancellation of the project.

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