‘Pu$$y Opens Doors’ Huddah Monroe speaks of success

‘Pu$$y Opens Doors’ Huddah Monroe speaks of success


Sassy Socialite Huddah Monroe has finally hinted that her Puddesh is among the things that made her become successful.

The businesswoman spoke about this on her Instagram page explaining that having the brains is also a determining factor to being prosperous.

“Pussy opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a sit at the table and change the status quo! From nothing to something!” she wrote in her post

Her post has triggered several reactions with some of her fans calling her out for misleading her followers.

If her words are anything to go by, her social media fans are convinced that Huddah acquired part of her wealth by using her Puddesh.

For a long time, the beauty has been accused of selling herself off to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

In a video that went viral a couple of months ago, Kiss 100 presenter Kamene raised questions over the socialite’s source of income accusing her of selling her body.

From the comments online, some of her fans are happy that she is being honest about the reality of life.

Here are some of the reactions

princesam7She finally confesses to the obvious 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂 @kamenegoro

fuindcuN there r women out there who give it’p**) freely in the name of Love n wat their fake passies’ say only 2 b hurt/dogged ….it is a painful world 🙄🙄

y_missy8But in some way she is right

nyoona.majimboYou all owe Kamene an apology now😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

johnte_wahomeWomen please dont take advice from an escort😂😂😂😂manze seriously

mamy_reign_🙌🙌finally The truth 👏👏

del_jumaAmefungua duka in short😂


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