Akothee’s Daughter’s Ruthless Reply After Fan Demanded Sex From Her

Akothee’s Daughter’s Ruthless Reply After Fan Demanded Sex From Her


Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has today blasted a fan for demanding sex from her.

Rue Baby had a question and answer segment on social media when thirsty men flooded trying to befriend her.

The beauty turned down the requests of men asking to be her boyfriend by giving responses to indicate that she was not interested.

One of her wild followers publicly demanded to have sex with her, a move that did not settle well with Rue.

Akothee’s daughter went cold on her fan saying that having sex with him is only something that will remain in his dreams.

She also responded to other fisi men hitting on her saying that she belongs to God. Others who insisted on marriage forced Rue to give very high demands to keep them off from making any attempts.

Rue says that part of her bride price will be an airplane as her mom had wished earlier and a wealthy man would also meet the cut.

This is not the first time men boldly made attempts towards Akothee’s daughters through social media.

A couple of months back, a man (Shakes Kevin) made a third attempt by asking Madam Boss’ consent to marry her model daughter Rue.

He also promised to stand by Akothee regardless of what people say about her character.

Dear Akothee, Am a university graduate with bachelor in lovintology and opportunistunistic in human mantingology. Am also an upcoming secular musician and an actor too. This is a third time am requesting your permission to have a hand to your daughter Rue.baby. Please consider my request mother in law, I promise to dance with you and help you to widen your legs so as Mutua may open his brain and see the beauty in between. Thanks,” read Kevin’s message.

Here are some of the screenshots

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