Gospel Singer Reveals Why He Has Been Publicly Lusting Huddah Monroe

Gospel Singer Reveals Why He Has Been Publicly Lusting Huddah Monroe


Fast-rising gospel artiste Masterpiece has finally revealed his true intentions with his crush Huddah Monroe.

It is quite strange for a man of God to continuously seek the audience and attention of people of the world in a romantic way but Masterpiece claims that he is up to the challenge.

Entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is also a socialite and her rise to the top has been speculated to involve using richer men to finance her lifestyle for a taste of her cookie.

Masterpiece, however, reassures fans that he believes in her.

In a recent interview at Milele FM, the gospel star clarified saying he intends to take her to church.

“Si ati namtaka Huddah na si ati ananitaka. Nataka tu kumpeleka church.” he 

This statement contradicts his confessions in earlier interviews on other media stations. He has in the past been recorded professing his undying love for the beauty.

Kuna dada mmoja pale mimi namlike sana anaitwa Huddah. Namlike kama crush kwa sababu wanawake wachache sana wako kama yeye. She is a very smart woman na mwanaume kuwa na mwanamke smart kama yeye basi maisha yako iko sawa

Huddah mahali popote ulipo mimi ni msanii wa kizazi kipya wa injili na nakufuatilia sana nitakuombea sana na nitakupeleka kanisani utaokoka,” Masterpiece told Udaku Sasa.

This is not the first celebrity looking to transform their crush from secular industry to gospel. We have several power couples who involve one convertee including Dj Mo and Size 8 as well as Wahu and Nameless.

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