Video: Primary School Boy Who Shocked Kenyans With Foul Insults Apologizes

Video: Primary School Boy Who Shocked Kenyans With Foul Insults Apologizes


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A boy from Consolata Primary School who shocked the internet after a video of him issuing insults went viral last week has apologized.

The boy has now issued an apology to the public claiming he is remorseful for acting out of anger.

“I know what I said is bad and vulgar, even on my part I know I overeacted for something so small like that. But I was really pissed off for her saying that my mum gave up on me and telling teachers that I am gay,” he said.

In the two-minute-long video, the boy went ahead saying that he regrets his move and even though parents are requesting for his suspension, he is now asking for their forgiveness.

The apology from the kid…

Posted by Kenny Kaburu on Sunday, 15 September 2019

“I want to say sorry to the public for all this bad content I have done, even for putting it out to the public. I hope this will end and I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done this,” he said.

“On my part, if she never said all those things it wouldn’t have happened. To the Public, to the Parents, to Consolata School, the teachers, I am just asking you to forgive me.”

Where it all started..

The young boy was angry at a classmate who accused him of being gay. The videos, which have garnered thousands of views online, have caused an online uproar with many requesting for action against the boy.

His words are full of vulgar language, something the African society does not take lightly.

Here were some reactions.

IFIKIE WAZAZIImagine the level of exposure our kids have🤦. Parents do you monitor and guide what your children do with…

Posted by Nancy Okutah on Sunday, 15 September 2019

Kerry Kemeko People are pissed at what he said, but not really concerned about why he said it🤷🏾


Medge Akoth Hanselmann This is one smart lad .. foul mouthed but smart .. he is speaking from anger ,he just needs guidance on how to control his anger … if you noticed ,he apologized and is remorseful at the first altercation he had with a schoolmate …shows how honest he is and takes responsibility for his mistake. No need to crucify him .. he is a kid, just needs to be counseled ..

Kevin Sanky Karanja I wish Kenyans just consider the boys apology and move on, this kid might suffer more than what he said…..and y’all will come back when it might be too late…he has apologized and he’s just a kid…relevant persons should counsel and teach him well as well as other kids.


Judy Gituku I dont support this kinda behaviour at all but this child would have taken other measures like killing himself, so parents lets talk to our kids as much as possible bullying is real. Stop judging the child but instead go home talk to your kid this was an eye opener for all parents


Jim Buck The Era of social media…this has been there since our time .”Tulikuwa tunafunga shule na mtu” serious fights on closing day. .only there wasn’t social media.


Abigael King’oo So what he is gay is that a death sentence..this boy is clearly fed up with the bullying and I guess that’s why he went off like this grown ups act like he has done the worst thing..atleast he is not shooting up schools like some white trash



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