, Street Banger ‘Mbiginjii Imekulwa na Ndogi’ Takes Kenya by Storm

Mbigijii Imekulwa na Ndogii is the new word on the streets termed by a kid from Meru who Kenyans are celebrating.

A new music group dubbed X-Ray King and Breeder LW has written and performed their latest banger bearing the name and Kenyans are excited.

In the newly released music video, the group has implemented the most recent trending highlights like George Kagwe who does memes as an Mpesa lady.

, Street Banger ‘Mbiginjii Imekulwa na Ndogi’ Takes Kenya by Storm

The Kenyan music industry is taking a whole new twist with a generation of artists like the group above making hits after hits. Gengetone is one of the fresh music genres in Kenya which was born around 2017 but shot to light at the beginning of 2018.

The genre borrows largely from Kenya’s Genge genre and inspiration from Jamaican Dancehall music genre.

Check Out the Music Video Below:

Despite the numerous threats from Kenya’s Moral Boss Ezekiel Mutua, the Genegestone groups are still rising and producing songs each passing day. Kenyans have embraced the change in the type of music and welcomed the new wave.

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