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Fast-growing Kenyan boy band Ethic Entertainment has just dropped another club banger dubbed ‘Chapa Chapa’ days after the alleged death of one of their band member.

The song which has gained over 28K views in less than an hour has been released a few days after the news about Seska’s alleged death blew the internet.

The allegations of Seska’s death originated from a video of the other members of the group Reckless, Zilla and SWAT sending R.I.P messages who were mourning a closs friend. Since Seska was missing from the video, netizens assumed that he had passed on. However, the Pandana hitmakers later clarified the R.I.P news.

“Tulipoteza Boy Wetu Anaitwa Kisirani. RIP,” they explained.

However, a section of their fans felt like they(Ethics) were using their friend’s death to hype their yet to be released song a thing most of the artists use to sell their new jams and that Seska intentionally missed on the R.I.P video clip.

Ever since Ethic found their way into the music industry, they have never disappointed their fans. Watch the video below:


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