Criminal in Handcuffs

A female police officer attached to the EACC was on Friday morning arrested over stolen money meant to serve as an exhibit.

Police reports indicated that the officer, identified as Lilian Joan Simiyu, was apprehended by EACC officials from Mombasa in regards to the missing money.

The officers from the anti-corruption unit revealed that Lilian was attached to the coastal office as a detective at the time of the incident.

Further information revealed that the cash exhibit amounted to Ksh416,000.

Mombasa Town

Lilian was further accused of destruction of an exhibit in a case she was handling at the office.

The suspect was taken to Central Police Station in Mombasa arraignment.

A week ago, a Mombasa Principal Magistrate and four others were apprehended after heroin exhibit worth Ksh30 million went missing from the court.

The magistrate, identified as Edgar Kagoni, and four other court officials were accused of mishandling the exhibit.

DCI boss George Kinoti remarked that a cash exhibit held at the court also went missing in July this year.

“They have been arrested in connection with reckless handling of exhibits leading to the loss of 10kg of heroin valued at Sh30 million and cash of various currency valued over Ksh600,000 in July this year at Mombasa law courts,” stated Kinoti.

Kagoni was, however, released on September 9 on a Ksh 100,000 bond with the surety of the same amount and an alternative of Ksh 20,000 cash bail.

Mombasa Principal Magistrate Edgar Kagoni

The move came after his lawyer, Nelson Havi, filed a petition in a bid to stop the prosecution of his client.

Havi alleged that the DCI and DPP had a motive to embarrass and intimidate Kagoni.

The other four suspects were ordered to remain in police custody.

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