Tob Cohen. Police found his missing body inside a underground water tank in his compound at Kitisuru, Spring Valley Road in Nairobi .

After 60 days of searching, the missing billionaire Tob Cohen  has been found dead at an underground water tank inside his house.

The homicide team from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) found his body on Friday.

According to DCI boss George Kinoti, the billionaire was brutally murdered and the scene of the murder was at his own house.

“When this matter was reported to us we ordered this place to be reserved as scene of crime, from that time there are things we have been doing to make sure this crime is not covered.

True to our criminal intelligence we discovered the body of the missing Tob Cohen. It was a gruesome murder.He was murdered in his own residence they took their time to kill the innocent Cohen,” said Kinoti.

The DCI boss went ahead to explain how the billionaire was murdered and said: “he was bowed, tied hands to the neck before he was murdered and disposed to an underground water tank.”

He further revealed that the deceased had serious injuries on his neck.

According to the DC boss, the house had no CCTV cameras at the time of the murder adding that the secret cameras were mounted after the incident.

Kinoti revealed that two suspects were arrested over the matter and many more others will be arrested in connection to the incident.

The  DCI said the motive of is very clear and could not go further in giving details of what led to the murder.

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