, Ruto Fires Back at Waiguru Over Kikuyu Presidency Remarks
Kirinyaga county governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru together with DP William Ruto at a past event. Photo/File

Deputy President William Ruto has responded to Kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru over her earlier remarks concerning Kikuyu Presidency in 2022.

Through his twitter account, the DP told off the governor over her alleged tribal remarks observing that they voted in President Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed former President Mwai Kibaki not because of his ethnicity but because of his competence.

, Ruto Fires Back at Waiguru Over Kikuyu Presidency Remarks
Anne Waiguru Governor Anne Waiguru and deputy Peter Ndambiri commission Kagio Market, Kirinyaga, in March. Photo/Courtesy

Ruto added that Uhuru was not a leader to a certain region only but rather a national leader. The seemingly irritated DP warned those who were busy spreading ethnicity to stop it.

We supported and voted for Uhuru to succeed Kibaki not b’cos of ethnicity but COMPETENCE. He is NOT the leader of any ethnic community but that of JUBILEE ,the largest political party with Mca’s, MPs and Gov’s in 41 of 47 counties and President of Kenya. Muwache kasumba ya ukabila pls. read Ruto’s Tweet.

His fierce reaction comes just a day after governor Waiguru insisted that another Kikuyu President will fuel tribalism and disparities among other communities in 2022.

Waiguru who has recently been advocating for Raila’s Presidency in 2022 had indicated that most Kenyans were not ready for a recycle adding that other communities should be involved in attaining equal distribution of leadership.

“Let us be honest, there are many communities in Kenya and not only one should be dominating the top leadership of this country,” reiterated Waiguru.

, Ruto Fires Back at Waiguru Over Kikuyu Presidency Remarks
Lately, Waiguru has been advocating for Raila’s Presidency in 2022. Photo/File

While making indirect references to some leaders in the country, the county boss maintained that Kenyans were fed up with leaders whose wealth is unaccountable adding that it was time for the Mt Kenya politicians to support a candidate from another region.

She was speaking on Wednesday at Kerugoya Level 5 Hospital when she gave her annual status of the county report.

Waiguru who was a good support of the DP recently fell out with him under unclear circumstances.

, Ruto Fires Back at Waiguru Over Kikuyu Presidency Remarks

At one time, she was considered as Ruto’s most preferred deputy in 2022 but upon joining Embrace Kenya, (women supporting the handshake team) Waiguru has been on parallel sides with Ruto.

Currently, Deputy President William Ruto has been using his Twitter account to tell off his critics.




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