M-Pesa Lady actor George Kagwe was on the receiving end of some brutal fat-shaming remarks after he made his debut on ‘Up Close’ with Betty Kyallo.

“Gai!!!Unakulanga nini?angalia hiki”, wrote one fan with another adding “angalia hikkkiii..kwani hakijuangiii kimenona hivviii…ahhhaahhhahhh..for really sijai jua you are such tonnes of weight.”

“Ufanye mazoez upunguze mafuta ayo mwili,” read aother rude comment with someone else chipping in with “Ona hiki kumbe nikikubwa hivi.”

The horrible comments did not stop there with a fan named mel_nsaali exclaiming “Daaaamn, he big!”. This situation forced his wife Karimi Kagwe to intervene by saying that she likes him big.

George also decided to poke fun at mel_nsaali’s comment by writing “😝😝 Doing Big things as well!”


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