Kenyan Celebs who Had Pretty Women and Still Dumped them

Kenyan Celebs who Had Pretty Women and Still Dumped them


In Kenya, celebrity breakups usually end really bad. We all know men love pretty women and are ready to anything in most cases to settle down with them.

However, history has proved that having a pretty face and a nice body isn’t enough to keep a man. Here are some celebs who had really fine women but still ditched them.

Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto:

Hamisa could have been dumped just days after a viral audio had leaked that she had been practising witchcraft on Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz


Prezzo and Daisy Kiplangat:

Prezzo had married Hosea Kiplagat’s daughter Daisy Kiplagat in 2008 but unfortunately divorced after their love turned sour. Daisy filed for divorce citing infidelity and physical violence from the rapper, she was then granted full custody of their daughter but seems like Prezzo was already done with her.

Prezzo with Daisy Kiplangat

JBlessing and Chantalle:

This is not the first lady that J Blessing has dumped. He first dated radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia. She was left licking her wounds whilst pregnant and hooked up with ‘Tokelezea’ hitmaker Chantelle.

After five years and with Chantelle miscarrying, he dumped her with allegations that he was playing her as well.

Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey

Timmy and Kush’s breakup and it happened at a pub on Langata Road.Timmy got physical after suspecting that Kush Tracey was cheating on him with a politician. The rapper was roughed up after he beat Tracey at the club, and that marked the end of Timmy and Kush Tracey’s love story.

Timmy T dat and Kush Tracey

Tanasha Donna and Nick Mutuma:

Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz’ Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna has been on a roll in the last few days on social media.From describing how her boyfriend satisfies her in bed to how much she spends on clothes every week.

But she won’t stop at just that. Tanasha took a dig at her ex-boyfriend Nick Mutuma whom she has described in very derogatory terms. She termed her ex as a ‘fraud’ who has a ‘tiny’ male member and is very lousy in bed


 Nick Mutuma and Tanasha Donna


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