Matatus are the most common means of transport in Kenya. Most Kenyans do not enjoy the privilege of driving themselves home or to places of work. A good number will walk others will use motorcycles but the majority will use the public service means.
1.Explicit and G-rated videos: The art of having televisions in matatus has greatly grown. But most drivers and their co-workers do not care what they show on those screens. On a Sunday when you are from church or family gathering with your kids then all over sudden some Jamaican song shows on screen with scantily dressed clothes and your kids start staring.  
2.Loud music: You want to make a very important call to your boss or it’s that day you are so tired from work and all you need is a quiet journey home then when the journey begins, boom!! By the time you alight the matatu, you will have to go direct to the nearest chemist for some painkillers because of a headache.
  3.Overloading and overcrowding: This mostly happens to 14 seats matatus. They will carry an extra four people and you will look like bags of maize squeezed all through your journey and tragic comes in if it’s a hot afternoon and the windows won’t open. Carrying of Excess passengers is a common norm among Matatu operators.
                                                  Overcrowded Nairobi Matatu
4.Overcharging: A conductor will tell you that bus fare to town is 50Bob. You will board the matatu and halfway the journey you will be asked to pay for your fare. Your change will be delayed till you ask for it and on getting it, it will be less 20-30ksh. Just dare ask why you were overcharged and all sorts of insults will rain on you especially if you are a lady. Matatu touts are indisciplined and very rude.    

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