Ethic’s Member Seska Is Not Dead

Ethic’s Member Seska Is Not Dead


Rumours of the ‘death’ of Ethic Entertainment artist Seska have spread like wildfire, however, they are just that, rumours.

On Tuesday afternoon (10.09.19), social media users in Kenya were sent into a deep panic after a scary video of Ethic’s group members seemingly sending their last respects to a close acquaintance believed to be dead. This made Seska a top trending topic on Twitter.

Initial ‘reports’ online suggested it was the group’s other member “Seska” who was suspiciously missing in the clip.

Hii story ya Seska ni kama ime toka hapa.
Wame piga video wakisema RIP bila mmoja wao and it seems like that sparked the rumours.

Seska Is Perfectly FINE. All the rumors are unfounded

Ethic most recently performed at the Hype XP concert at the Ngong Racecourse on Saturday night with all group members present where they performed their biggest hits as well as their upcoming track.

The group is gearing up for their latest release dubbed ‘Chapa Chapa’ set to drop on Friday, 13th of September 2019.