Madini Classic – Nitavumilia

Madini Classic – Nitavumilia [Mp3 Download]


Madini Classic – Nitavumilia [Mp3 Audio Download]. Madini Classic – Nitavumilia [Mp3 Download].


Madini Classic - Nitavumilia

Madini says that he wanted to do music professionally all his life. His parents, especially his dad, he says  wasn’t for the music idea as he thought Madini was taking a wrong direction which he amounted to indolence. Madini remained in Tanzania when his whole family was relocating back to Migori County, and there he began his career. Singing along to most Bongo tunes back in the day he later adopted the same style of music.

Previously Madini had managed to record some audio songs but could not afford acompetent video claiming that was the reason he remained underground. In 2017, “Nikaribishe” painted the image of a lowly young man who falls in love with a lady from a well off family. He travels on a bicycle to visit the girl’s family for introductions yet is rejected on his arrival.

Subsequently, the girl pleads with her parents and the young man is received into the family. Madini  reported that most young people in this generation rarely show their real state to their partners. Later 2018 in his next hit “Nilivyo” featuring Vivian a young man falls in love with a high class girl who rejects his proposal due to his exiguous earnings.

Madini Classic Photo
Madini Classic Photo

Madini got signed by Serian Music as their first artist in Kenya. Serian Music inquired him abou looking  for a producer whose sound would befit his music. That’s how he identified Vicky Pon Dis. believing that his sound and support have moved his music to where it is today. As a driving force too Madini points out his hard work on the same the main manager in his career is him since he’s the vision bearer.