Nadia Mukami Quits Hailemind Entertainment.

Why Nadia Mukami Left Hailemind Entertainment.

In her usual bubbly self, she belted out Si Rahisi, African Lover, Yule Yule, the crowd singing along to songs that have catapulted her to popularity. This was one of the energised and well-choreographed performances at the PMVAs, and we all loved it.

At the back, where this writer sat, her manager David Guoro of Hailemind Entertainment followed the proceedings, pride plastered on his keen face.

Radio Love Hitmaker Nadia Mukami

A few months later, in February, the Radio Love singer stood alongside David in front of a big Coca Cola logo – she was in a good place, one of the local artistes picked up for the latest edition of Coke Studio.

Then come last Saturday, Nadia Mukami served Hailemind with a termination letter. She was walking away from the label she had made famous.

According to David, who confirmed that Hailemind have accepted her request and wished the artiste the best of luck, the termination was a culmination of events dating back to late last year.

“We did not see it coming, but she started issuing uncalled-for threats claiming that we weren’t doing enough for her brand and that some other potential labels and people were willing to offer more,” David tells Pulse.

But were her claims unfounded

“Well, our work speaks for itself. Most people knew her as soon as she joined Hailemind Entertainment,” David explains of the first artiste that signed with the label, which is currently in talks to add Nakuchukia singer Sudi Boy to its portfolio.

“We would not want to take much credit but we always had a full year plan.” He adds: “We surpassed last year’s plan and in the beginning of 2019 we presented a plan that was about taking over the East Africa market as the top female artiste in Kenya and the region.”

Pulse reached out to Nadia Mukami on Tuesday evening. Her response

“No comment,” she said, when asked about her reason for terminating the contract.

Has she left Hailemind

“Yes,” she said, laughing at the suggestions that she clearly could not wait for Monday morning.

Beautiful Nadia Mukami Photo Courtesy

Immediately after, Nadia Mukami called David, accusing him of spreading news, which did not need to be in the public domain.

But could there be more to the artiste and management divorce

According to a source, a male media personality, Nadia left because of David.

“All I can say is what I heard, which is that he did not do some things professionally, even after being asked several times,” the source said.

“More details will come very soon because she will eventually talk,” said our sources, further alluding that Mukami felt a bit used with a feeling that the stable was using her badly and not keeping to their deal.

The source pointed out to a series of WhatsApp statuses where David has been posting cryptic messages about loyalty.

David is proud of Nadia and how far she has come. One can sense the loss he feels of an artiste who has captured the audience with her strong voice, great lyrics and colourful performances.

“We have no bad blood and we wish her the very best. She’s super talented,” says David, who said Nadia had signed a two-year deal which was halfway when she terminated Nadia

African Lover Singer Nadia Mukami