Ringtone Apoko Accuses Willy Paul For Having Satanic Tattoos

Ringtone Apoko Accuses Willy Paul For Having Satanic Tattoos


A feud between gospel artistes Alex Apoko alias Ringtone and Willy Paul is ensuing, after Ringtone accused Willy

Paul of not being genuine in his gospel music career.

In his latest posts, Ringtone accuses Willy Paul of bearing satanic tattoos which he did not have at the start of his career.

Willy Paul I want to address you. If you want to call yourself you gospel artiste, you must see, as he Willy Paul is popularly known, of taking photos while ‘naked’, exposing hi innerwear which he (Ringtone) likened to Satan.

“We will not allow you to remove your clothes. Only the devil like being naked. He was sent down naked. You are showing people your boobs, your underwear and your bad stomach. Which Christian are you? God, forbid! I curse out the devil,” he added.

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Before the video, Apoko had accused Paul of being an agent of the devil for displaying satanic signs using his hands.

“This is a gospel artist from kenya called Abubakar Rapado #willypaul .SHOWING DEMONIC SIGNS ON HIS HANDS 🙏🙏🙏 This agent of darkness has been has to leave the church,” he said.