Video of Otile Brown and Joey Muthengi getting cosy suggests pair is dating.

Dreamy musician Otile Brown has been fanning relationship rumours since breaking up with Vera Sidika.

The handsome star was spotted getting too close for comfort with former Citizen TV reporter Joey Muthengi.

In a video seen by, Otile Brown was seen holding the caramel skinned beauty tightly right next to his chest as the two enjoyed each other’s company.

The pair looked so comfortable and smitten and a jolly Joey could not hide her smile.

She slowly rubbed the singer’s fingers during their night out as they engaged in deep conversation.

Otile Brown Photo Courtesy

Ever since Otile Brown walked away from Vera, all his fans have wanted is for him to be happy and get a lady who deserves him.

Well, we are crossing our fingers and hoping Joey becomes the next lucky girl after Otile’s heart.

The TV girl has never been open about her private life and tends to keep details of the men she’s dating under wraps.

The Beautiful TV Girl Joey Muthengi

Otile Brown on the other hand made a mistake of making his relationship with Vera public and when the couple broke up, it was explosive and messy.

The pair exchanged bitter sentiments on social media as they competed at exposing delicate details of their union.

Vera blamed the musician of being a money hungry gold digger who loved asking for handouts from time to time.

Otile Brown accused Vera of being an attention seeking psycho who was obsessed with sex and the idea if rushing into starting a family.

Insults were exchanged and screenshots were shared until one day, the duo decide to call a ceasefire and go their separate ways.