“I’m Ready To Die”Diamond Platinumz Father Says After Cancer Worsens

“I’m Ready To Die”Diamond Platinumz Father Says After Cancer Worsens


Abdul Juma, the biological father of Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz has come out to say he is ready to die as his condition worsens.Abdul, who is suffering from skin cancer that has affected both his legs, could lose the use of both his feet if not treated soon.

“Honestly, a time reaches when one loses hope to the point you feel it’s better to die because there’s no other option. My legs usually hurt so much, truly this is immense suffering,” Abdul said.

Diamond Platinumz and his father have not been on the same page after the singer accused him of abandoning their family.

Abdul Juma’s feet [Photo: Courtesy]

Abdul tried to reach out to his son, but that did not bear any fruit. The singer, however, made things clear that he did not have anything against his dad, just that he is closer to his mom than he is with his father.


Abdul has in the past has gotten medical assistance from his daughter, Diamond’s half-sister Zubeda that has given him hope to live.

When reached to comment on his input in his father’s health, Diamond did not pick his call.

Diamond’s half-sister, Queen Darleen, however, explained during an interview with Wasafi TV that her father had so much money and could have helped himself but misappropriated all of it.

“There is no amount of money that can satisfy him,” she said.