How does a Ugandan named Lacazette sound? Well, very soon, we shall have one after local singer Ykee Benda revealed that his son will be named after the Arsenal forward.

An emotional game of two halves is how you can easily describe football and for some of its fanatics, it goes beyond 22 men chasing one ball.

On Sunday evening, two top sides in the English Premier League locked horns at the Emirates Stadium in London.

Ykee Benda, Ykee Benda To Name Son After Arsenal Star Alexander Lacazette
Alexandre Lacazette is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Arsenal FC

At full time, Arsenal fans could not believe their eyes looking at the scoreboard which read 2-0 in their favor against a Manchester United that had not lost a single match since the arrival of their new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ykee Benda has always proclaimed his undying love for the Gunners and he is willing to let it show through his bloodline as his son will carry their striker’s name.

He revealed that his son will be named after Lacazette because he likes players that give the best performance for their teams.

My son will be named after Lacazette….I just like players that give it their all

With this revelation, Arsenal fans might just fill up the venue before 90 minutes on D-Day.

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