Controversial Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko must have mastered the tricks of making people talk about him.

From pulling publicity stunts to making remarks that elicit reactions online, leaving him trending for days, Ringtone really enjoys this.

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Well, Ringtone has once again caused a stir on social media after posting a video claiming that ‘Gospo-Secular’ Musician Willy Paul is muslim.

Apoko said that he got this revelation after praying to God to help him understand the reason behind gospel music slagging.

In conclusion he said;

“To Christians names have meaning that’s why our parents called us names that they believed will lead us to a chosen destiny. Willy Paul’s official names are Abubakar bla bla and Abubakar is the 1st companion and relative of prophet Muhammad. Christianity can’t be lead by Muhammad because names have meaning in Christianity”.

Below are the videos of Apoko’s judgement to Willy Pozze aka Abubakar