The Big Scoop on Kiss FM kicked off with a congratulatory message to former Bahati label mate, Mr Seed.

Mr Seed welcomed his baby boy, Gold. This was after his pregnant wife, Nimo Gachuiri, was humiliated and drugged out of the EMB New Year’s event by Bahati.

Kiss FM Breakfast co-host Shaffie Weru pointed out that the couple posted the photos of the baby strategically without revealing the face. and said as a father of two he knows what it takes to be in the delivery room.

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Speculation on Diana Marua is with Bahati. She opened” up and said Bahati is childish.

“In public you have you put up a face that you are aking not a prince,” Shaffie Weru pointed out.

She had an interview with Chito on his Maloko show where Diana said:

“First of all, Bahati has a very interesting character. He is very playful.”

Diana continued: “I keep on telling people that I love Bahati for who he was. Hakuanza hii utoto vile tume settle down (He did not start being playful and childish when we settled down). Do you understand? We used to play, we used to have fun, we used to…hizo vitu zote (All those things. For me that is him. I have accepted him with his playfulness.”

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Commenting on this, Chim said on the Big Scoop this morning on the Breakfast Show,

“Every time you call her ‘Shosh’ you are not dissing her, because she is in charge of the relationship.”

Speaking on their reality show, Being Bahati, the gospel star said, “They are re-strategising.”

The show is currently not on air but it has not been cancelled.

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