Have a listen to the brand new hit in town ‘Taka Taka’ by Alvindo.

It’s safe to say that most Kenyans if not all were sleeping on the song dubbed ‘Taka Taka’ by Alvindo until it was made famous after comedian 1GB made a skit over it on the hook of the song.

Now allegedly signed under KRG The Don’s record label, Fast Cash Music Group, Alvindo finally got to release the entire single that has a catchy hook that many men might use as a comeback when women trash them and/or deny their advances.

Alvindo, Audio || Alvindo – Taka Taka || Mp3 Download
The ‘taka taka’ hit song was written and composed by Alvin aka Alvindo

The internet already crowned the ‘Taka Taka’ song late last year and since it is now officially released, we can see how it can be a hit record just like ‘Fundamentals’ did a few years back.



Alvindo, Audio || Alvindo – Taka Taka || Mp3 Download
comedian 1GB popularized the song by doing a short skit singing and dancing to the ‘Taka Taka’ song on social media which escalated the song to prominence ever since. photo credit: Instagram/1gb_comedian

Here are some quotable lyrics for ‘Taka Taka’ by Alvindo.

Unakataa kua dem Yangu
Naenda kwa Mrogi nakuroga unakufa
na nakujaa kwa mazishi yako
kukula na Kukunywa
na kukula nikucheke ukizikwa
Unaringaga unaringa nini
na sura mbaya ata kuliko mbuzi
roho chafu kama ya shetani
unadhaniaga wewe ni nani
[Takata taka taka
mapepo zinakufwata
sijui ata ni nini niliona kwako
ata ningejua ningekatia dadako]x2

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Listen to the entire song ‘Taka Taka’ as produced by Magix Enga with Executive Production by KRG The Don below on YouTube and let it make your day as it has for the next guy.