Alicios Ft Lady Jaydee – Nakuachia

Alicios Ft Lady Jaydee – Nakuachia [Official Mp3 Download]


Alicios Theluji, a Congolese recording artist, based in Nairobi, Kenya dropped a dance-able music titled “Nakuachia” where she as well featured Lady Jaydee, a Tanzanian singer as the both murdered the track with the swahili language.

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Miss Theluji recorded her first song Mpita Njia, was recorded in 2011 and released in 2012, when she was still an undergraduate. The song, composed and written by Alicios, included collaboration with Ugandanperforming artist Juliana Kanyomozi.Alicios maintains a successful solo-recording career, with collaboration from other leading East African artists on some of the records.She now spends lot of her time in Sweden where her mother and step-sister also live.

In 2017 She signed a recording deal with Kenya’s Biggest Record label Taurus Musik which is also label for Lady Jaydee.  She is a mother to one son, born circa 2015, is called Kito. His father is also DR Congolese and he and Alicios met when she was 13 years old.