There is a certain photo of Vera making rounds on social media and boy… does she look different.

The photo shared by rapper King Kaka in Vegas  has left many confused as to whether Vera Sidika has been using too much filter to appear beautiful and younger.

What is more confusing is the selfie she later shared on her gram looking all dolled up; where else King Kaka’s photo made her look older.

Too much filter

Thanks to Snapchat most selfies these days are enhanced by the beauty camera. If all ladies are using it then why should Vera Sidika not join?

This is however not the first time such a photo of Vera Sidika has made its way online. Anyway whether it is age catching up with Sidika or just a bad camera angle; don’t you think she has spent too much money on her body and face to look old? Check out the photo below.