Creme De La Creme Flaunts His New Girlfriend To The Public

Creme De La Creme Flaunts His New Girlfriend To The Public

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DJ Creme de la Creme has opened up about why he has stayed with his girlfriend for 12 years, saying she has stood by him through hell and high waters.

He said, “One reason we have stuck together is learning to complement each other. Marriage is a new phase of life and the best is that she has been my biggest supporter, and even when I am in a scandal, she has always held my hand. My experience has been amazing, despite the fights here and there.”

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Creme de la creme has found himself in problematic situations during his career. There was a point an intimate tape of him with a woman leaked when he was dating his current girlfriend Denise. Then there was the episode where he found himself locked up temporarily in the US, where he had gone to do a show.

Creme de la creme finally proposed to his love of 12 years Denise last week. The two shared pictures while on vacation in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nakuru county.

A source said the celebrated deejay could have taken the trip to officially propose to his longtime partner. “I did a mistake by skipping that step of proposing. I proposed to her but more details are coming,” DJ Creme de la creme said. He said he had a tight schedule last year that saw him drop a television show.

“I didn’t make a lot of time for her and me after a tough year, so I decided we needed to cool off away together. ”

Although it has taken him years to finally make it public, Creme de la Creme maintains that Denise has been his biggest supporter in his career. “The reason I took time before proposing is that I was caught up with life. This was a mistake but I want to do a white wedding soon because I really find it very important for both us to make it official,” he said.

“We have done all the preparations for the wedding, which includes paying dowry, but we will be announcing when the wedding day is ready.”

He said Denise has been good to him, despite not making their relationship official through a wedding.

In September last year, the wife suffered a miscarriage of their third child, which Creme says affected them emotionally as a couple.

“It was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. My daughter was meant to be born on around December 15, the same time I celebrate my birthday. It was very emotional and it was the reason I did not celebrate my birthday because in my mind, I expected her to come on my birthday,” Creme said.

When the miscarriage happened, he was not around to support her. “It really hit her hard because I was not around. We have not given up, we are planning for baby number four,” he said.